Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are Forever

Sometimes, life really challenges us and puts us all in the worst situations we could ever imagine possible. It tests us in ways where we really question who are we and what we are doing on this earth.

The other day, life put me in this situation. It still doesn't seem real and I know it will get worse before it even begins to get easier, but I have hope that maybe one day when I'm lying in the grass and the sun shines its warmth on my face, I might understand the ways of the world and why such things happen.

The past three and a half years we were inseperable and I'm sure we would have continued our journey together, hand in hand, ready for the impossible. We were promised for eachother and now you will never leave my heart. We have unfinished plans and I will finish them for us. And one day, we will walk together once again.

Thankyou for teaching me how to be free and to take things as they come. Thankyou for keeping me safe, for showing me how to live and making me believe in true love. Your smile, your presence, your motivation, your way of life, is now a part of me and always will be.

Only a short time here with us, yet you have already changed the world.

Jesse Marc Tonkin. October 27th 1990 - July 28th 2010. RIP.

I love you, I promise.