Monday, February 28, 2011


February 25th 2011. Park Regis. Tahlia.

Saturday, February 5, 2011



" We don't sleep till the sun goes down.
  We don't waste no precious time.
  All my friends in the loop. 
  Making up for teenage crime "

You lived like no other. Every second was not to be wasted. Every minute needed to be history, a story to be told. You had the energy of a thousand suns and could pass this life on to the next a hundred people walking past. There was never an idea that was left untried. Never a goal left unaccomplished. You were the epitome of a teenager. No regrets, just lessons learnt.

Now as we try to pick up the pieces and are forced to grow up, your memory inspires us to push the boundaries for adventure and fill every moment as if it was our last. 

Even if we get caught up in this busy world and lose sight of what truly is important.. Every year, in the summer, we'll come back for you. Making up for teenage crime.

January 9th 2011. Postmans Creek.